English Language Proficiency Exam
The Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) is currently used to meet the English language proficiency requirement of the Certification Program. TOEFL is administered worldwide by the Educational Testing Service (ETS). The exam measures listening, comprehension, structure and written expression and reading comprehension.

Applicants must successfully complete TOEFL and the Qualifying Exam (CGFNS), within a two-year period in order for test scores to be considered valid. TOEFL may be taken prior to or following the CGFNS Qualifying Exam. This means that you must qualify for both your TOEFL and CGFNS exams within 2 years of each other.

Applicants must apply directly to ETS in order to take the TOEFL exam. For information or an application, contact:

Test of English as a Foreign Language,
Educational Testing Service,
P.O. Box 6151, Princeton,
NJ 08541-6151 USA;
Telephone: (609) 771-7100;

IELTS information – forth coming