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Nurses have the following two payment options:-

1. Rs. 20,000.00 upfront. This amount will be refunded to the nurse in the US as soon as she/he is placed in a hospital or health care facility as an RN.

2. US$ 350.00 per month for ten months after a nurse is placed in a hospital or health care facility in the US as an RN.In this option the nurse has to deposit her original documents (as given in the draft MOU) with BhMNS.

Please print the appropriate MOU (depending on your choice of payment option) on a Rs. 20.00 Stamp Paper, sign it, have it witnessed by two witnesses and have it stamped and countersigned by a 1st Class Magistrate or a Notary Public. After this please despatch it by surface mail (preferably by courier) to the BhM Nursing Solutions office address given below.

1. Rupee Payment Option

2. US $ Payment Option

India Office:
BhM Nursing Solutions
No. 3, Great Eastern Summit ‘A’
CBD Belapur, Sector 15
Mumbai, 400614
Tel: 022-27565643 / 27565869. Ask for Mrs. Joyti Shinde;
e-mail:; or