The BhMNS Process

For absorption in the US health care industry, BhMNS will provide the following for all qualified nurses registered with BhMNS: eligible nurse has to register with BhMNS and we will do the following: -

Arrange training of the nurse to successfully pass the Commission for Graduates of Foreign Nursing Schools (CGFNS) examination required English Exams (TOEFL) or IELTS and NCLEX

Candidates may be required to provide a minimal deposit. The deposit amount will be reimbursed once the nurse is absorbed in an US Hospital or Health Care Center.

A nurse has to pass the above examinations to be granted an occupational visa (Green Card) to immigrate to the US. However she must also pass the NCLEX examination for this visa to become valid for permanent immigration. All fees paid by the nurse will be reimbursed in the US.

BhMNS will pay for and coordinate with the healthcare facility that will sponsor the nurse for EB-3 visas (Green Card). BhMNS will also provide EB-3 visas for the nurse’s family and assistance in the family’s immigration. All costs will be reimbursed in the US.

BhMNS will reimburse for the nurses to fly to the US location where the nurse is to be employed.

BhMNS will arrange accommodation for six weeks.
BhMNS will provide permanent absorption in hospitals and long-term health care centers. The nurse will have a minimum three-year contract and will be paid equivalent to a US nurse by the hospitals or health care establishments depending on her qualifications and experience.

BhMNS will also provide assistance and guidance when requested for by the nurse during the period she is contracted.