The Thought

Our Concept
BhM Nursing Solutions, LLC was created with the objective of bringing together a critical need and a supply. The need is filling the void created by the acute shortage of nurses in the US Health Care Industry, and the supply is that of highly qualified nurses in India looking to improve their professional, economic and social status in life. BhMNS can bring the two together, helping not only the US health care industry, but enriching the lives of professional nurses living in India.

Currently the short fall of nurses in the United States is 126,000, and that number is expected to grow to 794,000 by the year 2008 (American Hospital Association 2001 Trendwatch). India has a large consortium of qualified nurses and nearly all of these nurses are female with good work habits and dedication to their profession. Indian nurses are known for certain qualities- respect for the aged, empathy for the sick and love for children. Working in a third world country, they are exposed to a wider spectrum of diseases than Western nurses, validating the importance of bringing such accomplished nurses to the US. In addition, English being one of the most widely spoken languages in India, prepares these nurses to succeed in the nursing profession in the US.

Company Summary
BhM Nursing Solutions, LLC was founded on February 10th, 2002, in Fort Worth, Texas.

To establish BhM Nursing Solutions, LLC as a viable company, providing nurses to the US by capitalizing on the availability of qualified and dedicated nurses from India.
To establish a market presence around the globe as a dependable nurse staffing company that provides quality nurses from India to hospitals and health care establishments.
To expand nurse staffing operations to other states in the US.

The mission of BhM Nursing Solutions is to provide long term staffing solutions for the health care industry. BhMNS will specialize in providing English speaking nurses from India to health care facilities in the United States that seek permanent labor solutions to offset the current nurse shortage.

Market Research
BhMNS is commited to provide a comprehensive set of services to its patrons. When compared, BhMNS provides more focused and result benefiting services over the competition. A survey was conducted of 17 top US & Indian Nurse Placement companies to establish the number of important benefits each of these companies was offering to the nurses being placed in the US. The results of the survey brought out the following:

Number of companies studied 17
Number of important benefits identified 31
Maximum number of benefits being committed to by any one company other than BhMNS 21
Number of benefits being committed to by BhMNS 27
Number of companies commiting to more than 20 benefits 2
Number of companies commiting to more than 10 benefits 5